Applicant Considerations

We welcome anesthesiologists who are looking to reenter the field through ARRP’s remediation program. While progression through the program is competency-based, we recommend that candidates plan to commit to it full-time for approximately one year. Most individuals who have taken this step have thoroughly considered their decision, consulting with loved ones, weighing the financial aspects, and contemplating housing and living arrangements. Many applicants have also taken proactive steps such as attending conferences, completing workshops, and diving back into literature to reignite their clinical passion.

Residency must have been completed in the United States to be eligible for the program. We look forward to supporting your journey back into anesthesiology and helping you achieve your goals.

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ARRP was designed specifically to help non-practicing or limited- and narrow-practicing anesthesiologists return to the work they love and miss.

Do I Qualify?

Anesthesiologists who enter ARRP fall into certain qualifying categories:

  • Worked in a limited-scope environment such as in endoscopy, cataract, or pain management centers
  • Been away from medicine or anesthesia altogether for a significant period of time
  • Faced significant personal challenges
  • Had difficulty fulfilling or maintaining board certification requirements

Additionally, all enrollees must be comfortable making a one-year commitment.