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Dr. Ishteeaque Vice Chair of Anesthesia

“The program is definitely living up to our expectations and more! We have successfully trained several candidates, who have gone to become faculty in our very own department.

I would recommend ARRP to my colleagues. I would tell them how it has helped us with our staffing shortages and how it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. For the training that we give them they give us their time. Which in return helps us run our department efficiently. We are able to do a staffing set up that benefits everyone in the department.”


Dr. John Park
Dr. Park Anesthesiologist | ARRP Graduate

“It’s not easy getting back into the practice of anesthesiology, but I really wanted to. I needed to ease myself into it. I was lucky, I came across ARRP and I can honestly say that I feel this program was custom built for my return.”

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Dr. Flax Anesthesiologist | ARRP Graduate

“After being in administration for so long, I really wanted to return to delivering anesthesia in the OR setting. I was Googling programs and, luckily, found ARRP. This program allowed me to reenter the operating room in a controlled and supervised environment. I tell others looking to return that if they’re energetic, organized, and willing to work hard, they’ll do very well in the ARRP program. I’m proof of it.”